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SEC Tarlac teaches studes on how to spot scams

CONCEPCION, Tarlac (Nov. 20, 2023) — The Securities and Exchange Commission – Tarlac Extension Office (SEC-TEO) kickstarted their investor education here.

Some 100 students of Concepcion Holy Cross College were taught financial literacy against illegal investment schemes.

SEC-TEO Director Richard Laus said that their investor education campaign will help young people discern legitimate businesses from illegal investment schemes like the pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

“The SEC is encouraging the public through our investor education campaigns to be vigilant in entertaining any investment opportunity by verifying and checking the legitimacy of these investments with the Commission, and I also urge everyone to consider the risks before investing,” Laus said.

The SEC-TEO’s education campaign is in line with the commission’s celebration of Investor Protection Week, and carries the theme, “From Struggling to SECure: Entering your Financial Freedom Era through Smart and Sustainable Investments”.

Ronald Dizon
Ronald Dizon
Ronald was correspondent for several Philippine dailies and weeklies a score of years ago and was editor of a South Pacific paper. He still writes for this online news service and several local weeklies. If he's not busy, you might catch him online on cnc.net playing that godawful old game. "Aaaa kakakaka!!!!!"


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