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Police ask NGOs to help combat crime

TARLAC CITY, Tarlac (June 17, 2023) — Tarlac police have sought the help of various non-governmental organizations in the province to help in combatting illegal activities.

The 1st Provincial Mobile Force Company conducted a lecture on drug awareness, anti-violence against women and children, school bullying, hazing, and anti-terrorism in Victoria town.

This is the first of many lecture activities of the police to educate ordinary folk and seek their help in reporting illegal activities to the police according to Provincial Police Director Col. Erwin Sanque.

Sanque said that some successful anti-crime operations were done with the help of NGOs and concerned citizens. From Jun4 4 – 11, a total of 83 people were arrested for various crimes, 23 of which involved illegal gambling, and 14 for illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, the city police signed a memorandum of agreement with the Prime Reformed Fraternal Guardians Inc., which pledged to provide support in preserving peace and order.

The Santa Ignacia police also held a dialogue with the People’s Coalition Against Crime and Corruption to become force multipliers in their peace and order programs and projects.

Victor de Guzman
Victor de Guzman
Victor is a native of Capas, Tarlac. His passion in life - aside from writing - is chasing after whatever the world presents to him, girls included. He is into rare coins and stamp collecting. You will see him leafing through stacks of books in any second hand bookshop.


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