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Why do paper cuts hurt so much?

TARLAKENYO (April 9, 2023) — Paper cuts can be surprisingly painful, especially considering how small and seemingly harmless they appear. Paper cuts hurt so much because they involve a very shallow cut that often affects a highly sensitive area of the skin, such as the fingertips.

When you get a paper cut, the edges of the cut are usually jagged and irregular, which can cause tiny nerve endings in the skin to become exposed. This can lead to a stinging or burning sensation that can be quite intense, especially if the cut is located in a part of the body that is frequently used or comes into contact with other surfaces. Paper also leaves behind tiny fibers and chemical residues, which irritate the wound even more.

In addition to the physical aspects of the cut, the emotional impact of a paper cut can also play a role in the level of pain experienced. Because paper cuts are so unexpected and seemingly insignificant, they can catch us off guard and trigger a heightened emotional response, which can make the pain feel more intense than it actually is.

Overall, while paper cuts may seem like a minor inconvenience, they can be quite painful due to the combination of factors contributing to the sensation of pain.

Victor de Guzman
Victor de Guzman
Victor is a native of Capas, Tarlac. His passion in life - aside from writing - is chasing after whatever the world presents to him, girls included. He is into rare coins and stamp collecting. You will see him leafing through stacks of books in any second hand bookshop.


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