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South Koreans are now younger

TARLAKENYO (June 28, 2023) — South Koreans started their day a year or two younger today.

In BTS’s home country, in their traditional age-counting system, you are one year old as soon as you are born, and a year is added every January 1.

But starting today, the country switched to the internationally-accepted age counting method – adjusting everything from administrative and civil matters.

The 300-seat National Assembly of the Republic of Korea approved the change in December to “resolve the social confusion caused by the mixed use of age calculations and the resulting side effects.”

In a poll last year, more than 70% of respondents agreed with the change.

Still, some people are expected to continue using the traditional method in informal settings, 86% of South Koreans said they would adopt the international system when the new law takes effect, according to a government survey conducted in September 2022.

Since South Korea has officially embraced the international system, would this make Jungkook’s age 23 or Momoland’s Nancy 21? No. They’ve been using the international system all along.



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