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Microsoft Outlook is now free to use on iOS Mac

TARLAKENYO (Mar. 07, 2023) — There is now another important option to the Mac’s default Mail application. Microsoft has made Outlook for Mac available at no cost. Formerly, using the email client required either a Microsoft 365 membership or the purchase of Office. It is now accessible via the Mac App Store.

Microsoft markets this as a suitable companion to Outlook for iOS. If, for example, you still need to complete composing an email on your Mac, you may transfer the draft to your iPhone.

A forthcoming Profiles feature will integrate with macOS’s Focus settings to help you minimize alerts while you’re working. You may utilize email accounts from various third-party services, including Google, iCloud, and Yahoo (the parent company of Engadget).

The corporation does not hide some of the motivations for the decision. Outlook for Mac is being “rebuilt” with performance, dependability, and accessibility in mind. The free download may encourage people who might not have tried the product to embrace it. Furthermore, this might promote the adoption of Microsoft 365 and Office among consumers who need tight integration between their email clients and productivity applications.

The addition may be appreciated. Thunderbird, created by Mozilla, is the most renowned of the Mac’s significant email programs. Some are either paid-only or need memberships to access functionality. Even if Outlook does not always match its features, it is now simple to test it out.



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